Dealing with Chlorine: Skin and Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Frequent exposure to chlorine can take a toll on your skin and hair, leaving them dry, brittle, and damaged. Whether you’re swimming competitively or for fitness, it’s important to protect and care for your skin and hair. Here are some of my fave tips to help you maintain a healthy glow <3

3 Jul 2024

Hair Care

Let's start with hair care. I've been a swimmer myself for around 15 years now, in the water up to 10 times per week. I know how tough chlorine can be on your hair, so here's some of my tips to help you manage it!


Apply a leave-in conditioner or a thin layer of coconut oil to your hair before swimming. This not only provides a protective layer but also helps to lock in moisture.

If you want a simpler alternative, you can just wet your hair with fresh water before getting in the pool. If you hair soaks up clean water first, it will hold onto less of the chlorinated water!

In the pool

Invest in a high-quality swim cap to reduce the amount of chlorine your hair is exposed to. You can also pair it with one of our swim scrunchies, which are made from chlorine-resistant fabric, and super soft on your hair!

DON'T use a tight hairband under your swim cap! It may get stuck in your hair and cause breakage when you try to remove it.


Rinse your hair asap! Try not to leave the chlorine in your hair after your swim. Once you get out of the pool, wash your hair and apply a leave in conditioner to lock in moisture.

Skin Care

We all know that chlorine can be super drying and irritating for your skin. Follow these simple steps to protect your skin barrier!


Shower in fresh water before jumping in the pool. Similar to your hair, if you saturate your skin in fresh water first, it will reduce the amount of chlorine your skin absorbs.

In the pool

Make sure you wear a comfortable swimsuit to prevent rubbing while you swim. In case you do struggle with this, try applying vaseline on the areas that rub the most. Always use comfortable goggles to prevent irritation to your eyes!


After your shower, apply a rich, hydrating moisturizer to your skin while it’s still damp. This helps to soothe any dryness caused by chlorine exposure.