Instant Swim is a sustainable swimwear company for both competitive swimmers and those who swim for fitness.

Instant Swim was launched following the founders successful career in competitive swimming. With years of experience within the sport as well as a passion for creative design, Instant Swim was created to give swimmers what they couldn't find elsewhere- flattering & practical swimsuits that were made sustainably.

Combining a love for swimming, sustainability and design, our products are perfect for performance swimming and help to reduce our impact on the planet too. Being able to provide women all over the world with long-lasting, sustainable swimwear is exactly why we love what we do so much.

Our Mission

Did you know..
In Britain, we generate around 5 million tonnes of plastic each year.

With only 10% of this being recycled, much of it ends up in our oceans as waste. It is estimated that 40% of the waste in our oceans is nylon, and that is why we choose to use this nylon to make our products. Instant Swim uses ECONYL® fabric from regenerated ocean plastic, such as abandoned fishing nets and industrial plastic.

Our mission is to introduce a sustainable option to the performance swimwear industry, and reduce the amount of non-sustainable swimwear sold each year.

Our Vision

We want to transform the swim & activewear industry by making sustainability a standard.

We aim to be the most popular performance swimwear brand worldwide, offering only sustainably made products. But to us, sustainable garments are a bare minimum; it is important to us to make every area of the brand as environmentally-friendly as possible.

At Instant Swim, we believe it is our responsibility to produce our products ethically, and in a way that is is not detrimental to the planet. 

But the power is in the hands of the customer, so we are working to help educate people on how to shop sustainably and reduce their consumption of fast fashion.

Our Focus

Our focus is YOU

At Instant Swim, our focus is to provide our customers with swim & activewear they love, that is long-lasting, affordable and good for the planet.

Our customers are our number one priority, and our biggest focus is building a brand that you feel a part of, and providing you with products you value for years.