Why sustainable swimwear?

Why sustainable swimwear?

Making our swimwear sustainable was never a question for us. In our generation, we need to more cautious than ever about where we source our products from, and the effect we are having on our environment without even knowing it. At Instant Swim, we aim to increase awareness of the impact fast fashion has on the environment. Our goal is to make sustainability more of a consideration when online shopping, especially in the next generation.

The swimwear industry is huge- and with this comes a huge impact, and a huge responsibility. Instant Swim are the first competitive swimwear brand to use only sustainable material in our swimsuits and to promote sustainability throughout all our products. As a small business, this definitely isn't easy with so many competitors on the market. However, we prioritise sustainability over anything else and love making a difference however small it may be!

Our products are made from recycled ocean plastic, while still being ultra-chlorine resistant, UV protective, and most importantly- affordable! Shopping sustainably doesn't have to cost the earth, but it definitely helps to protect it. We would love for you to be apart of our journey and join us in the movement of sustainable living!


With love,

Instant Swim



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