About our fabric

At Instant Swim, all of our products are made from sustainable fabric using recycled yarn and ocean waste. We pride ourselves on being the first in the competitive swimwear industry with all products made using recycled materials! Looking after the planet is so important to us and we aim to make our brand fully sustainable, so that each time we sell, we are helping the planet a little more!



Where does our fabric come from?

We know that many people are interested in where their products come from and the processes they go through before they reach your doorstep. So we thought it would be helpful to explain a little bit about the life cycle of our fabric and how it is made!

Swimwear is usually made from synthetic fibres as they repel water- however we realise that these are terrible for the environment, poisoning our oceans and damaging wildlife. So we have decided to use regenerated nylon, not only to save on raw materials but prevent waste materials going into landfill. It also uses a lot less energy to transform waste into recycled material than it does to make whole new material!

The company we use collects waste like fishing nets, old carpets and industrial plastic from landfill and the ocean, before sorting and cleaning to recover any nylon. It’s then recycled back to its original purity, meaning it has the same properties as virgin nylon.

Ideally, products made with the fabric we use would last forever, but there is always the option to recycle them over and over into new products!

To put things into perspective, for every 10,000 tonnes of our material used over it's non-recycled counterparts, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved and 57,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are avoided!


Furthermore, all of our products are shipped in eco-friendly packaging and manufactured in the UK, and to keep our emissions and air miles as low as possible! This may mean that our products are slightly more expensive than brands that manufacture abroad- but we think it is well worth it to ensure all working conditions & wages paid to workers are fair.


We hope this blog helps to explain more about our fabric and it's journey before it reaches our customers, if you have any more questions feel free to email us at instantswimwear@gmail.com or DM us on instagram @instantswim! We would love to hear from you.


With love,

Instant Swim